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Promethazine hcl over the counter, or for use of short-acting opiates in cancer pain therapy: Rx-drug Treatment of Paediatrics and Child Abuse, in the New England Journal of Medicine, April 2013, pages 2212, 2219, 2617, and 3241, Kleiner, B. J. et al. al., "Clinicians' views on the use of low cost oral morphine-3-glucuronide versus immediate release oxycodone in the treatment of childhood cancer pain," Annals Emergency Medicine 44:3(3) January 2013, pages 1353-1356. Zaharkoz, G.A., "Parenteral Treatment of Childhood Cancer Pain: What Can We Expect?," Journal of Pain & Palliative over the counter cough syrup with promethazine Care 14:1, October 2012, Pages 15-23 Rosenfield, B. J. et Al., "Opiates for Children and Adolescents with Childhood Cancer Pain: A Review," Pediatrics 131:4(4) June 2012, Pages 849-852. Pellegrini, R. P. et al., "Assessment of opiate efficacy in pediatric patients with cancer pain," Patient Safety 22:8(1) May 2012, Pages 55-60. References Boucher, J. R. et al., "Clinical and Quality of Life Assessment in Pediatric Patients with Pediatric-Derived Childhood Cancer Pain," Pain 52:7(2) September 2012, Pages 759-783. Brown, A. B. et al., Clinical and Quality of Life in Children with Cancer Pain: A Systematic Review," Pain 52:7(0) September 2012, Pages 592-604. Chen, A. et al., "Comparison of pain outcome in pediatric and adolescent cancer patients undergoing palliative treatment," Pediatric Pain 21(8) August 2011 Conte, S. et al., "A comparative study on the quality of life in pain children with cancer," 67:7(1)July 2009, Pages 431-441. Das, R. P. et al., "Sensitivity and specificity studies in the assessment of pain children with cancer," 85:1 January 2012 Ezra, I. et al., "Pain severity and quality of life after surgical treatment childhood cancer pain," Pediatrics 126(6) May 2012 Finney, A. V. et al., "Pain after pediatric surgery," Journal of Children's Health 18(1) February 2011 Gilbertson, J. promethazine with codeine over the counter et al., "Quality of life after pediatric surgery," Annals of Surgery (Philadelphia) 137(2) December Average cost of gabapentin 2011. Lipsett, L. L., "Pain and the Family: Assessment Treatment Issues," Pediatric Research 23(12) June 2000. Mullen, L. et al., "A comparative study of the quality life and pain following child-on-child cancer surgery," 81:1(2) September 2007 Murray, D. A., "An epidemiologic study of pain in cancer patients," Annual Review of Medicine 44:353. Pellegrini, R. P., "Pain outcome in paediatric patients with carcinoma of the breast," British Journal Cancer 71(5):1490–1496 Pellman, E. L. and Schoenberg, K. C., "What can be learnt or learned from studying the experience of cancer patients treated in pain centres?", Journal of Pediatrics 156:1-3, June, 1996 Rothman, R. et al., "Reliability, validity, and comparability of several clinical measures pain in selected cancer patients.", Journal of Pain & Palliative Care 14 (1) July 2012 Schlenk, L. S., et al., "Effect of morphine upon patient pain outcome after invasive breast cancer surgery," 77:4(4) November 2012 Steiner, E. et al., "Comparative study of the pain and function childhood cancer survivors with and without palliative care," Journal of Medicine 8(4) August 2012 Thomson, S. et al., "Quality of life and pain in cancer survivors (n=1393) following surgery: A prospective study using the CIRP questionnaire," Child & Adolescent Pain Journal 12 (1) October 2012. Thomson, S. et al., "Reliability and validity of Pain Inventory for Children—a structured survey to assess quality of life in children with breast cancer (n=1192)," European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 22(2) September 2010 Tzavara, K. et al., "Pain assessment in breast carcinoma survivors following invasive mastectomy,"

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Promethazine is used for relieving allergy symptoms, including hives or runny nose.

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